Video – Facing the Mortgage Crisis, July 22: Part II

July 24, 2008
On July 22, KETC’s Ruth Ezell hosted the second of a two-part series entitled, Facing the Mortgage Crisis. The show covers the important topics regarding foreclosure that affect not just St. Louis, but communities nationwide. Neighborhoods with foreclosed homes attract criminals and experience a higher rate of vandalism and crime. Neighborhood stabilization is something that entire communities should join together and work towards.

Panelists include: Stephen Acree, Regional Housing and Community Development Alliance; Pamela Tucker Coaxum, Enterprise Community Partners, Inc.; Chris Krehmeyer, Beyond Housing; Karen Wallensak, Catholic Charities.


One Response to Video – Facing the Mortgage Crisis, July 22: Part II

  1. John says:

    All of us are responsible for the mortgage crisis. Buyers who made decisions eyeing the future gains in home prices. Mortgage brokers for inducing people to sign up for mortgages beyond their reach. Banks for being eager to earn more and more of interest income. Investment bankers for creating derivatives. Regulars for closing their eyes to the brewing storm.

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