Linda Ingram: Hope for Homeowners

November 5, 2008


Linda Ingram, a certified HUD Housing Counselor and the Director of Foreclosure Prevention Services at Beyond Housing, will become a regular contributor to this blog. Here is her first post:


What to do if you are struggling to pay a mortgage that is significantly more than the decreased value of your home?


Although there is a new Federal Housing Administration (FHA) program as of October 1, 2008, called Hope for Homeowners (H4H), not many homeowners know about it and even fewer lenders are actually making these loans.  If everyone would call the lenders and ask about it, maybe the program will be implemented.


Briefly, the loan will help homeowners refinance into a new loan insured by FHA that will be no more that 90 % of the NEW APPRAISED value. The borrower must agree to share with FHA both the immediate 10% equity and any future appreciation of the loan. 


You can read more about Hope For Homeowners at


To contact Linda Ingram directly please call 314-533-0600 or send her an e-mail at


You can watch Linda Ingram on one of our Facing the Mortgage Crisisprograms below.


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  1. Edwin says:

    Thank you very much for your post. Absolutely excellent information and very useful for me. Great done and keep posted. Looking forward to reading more from you.

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