Tip of the Day: Don’t Use Home Equity Loans to Pay Off Other Debt (2/27/09)

February 27, 2009

For our tip today we have a video where Dennis Johnson talks about taking out home equity loans to pay off other debt—something he does not recommend.


Tip of the Day: Get Free Tax Assistance

February 26, 2009

If you live in Missouri and need of free tax assistance visit the University of Missouri Extension’s website by clicking here or on the picture below.


Our Community: Mississippi Building

February 25, 2009

We all know how the financial crisis is affecting us individually—layoffs, home foreclosures, and the loss of retirement savings. But how does the financial crisis affect area businesses? For a recent Living St. Louis segment producer Anne-Marie Berger shared the story of Paul Buzzetta, a local restaurant owner whose hopes of opening a new Sicilian restaurant have been put on hold because of the financial crisis.

Everyone’s being affected by the crisis, and we’re all in this together—individuals, families, and communities. If you’re having financial troubles, don’t be afraid to seek help—free, confidential resources are available. Call the United Way’s helpline at 1-800-427-4626 or visit their website, www.211missouri.org.

Tip of the Day: An Explanation of a Universal Default Clause (2/25/09)

February 25, 2009

Today’s tip features Dennis Johnson of ClearPoint Financial Solutions as he explains a universal default clause. This clause may be part of your credit card application, and it means your credit card company can monitor your credit history. So if you miss a payment with anyone, your credit card company can raise your minimum payment amount and/or your interest rate. It’s especially important to understand the terms of your credit card and to read everything your credit card company sends to you.

Tip of the Day: Have Emergency Savings (2/24/09)

February 24, 2009

In today’s tip Dennis Johnson of ClearPoint Financial Solutions and Eric Madkins of the Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis discuss the importance of having emergency savings. They suggest having at least 3-6 months worth of living expenses saved, just in case something happens. Right now it’s more important than ever to be proactive and plan ahead. The more prepared we are, the better we’ll be able to weather this financial crisis.

Jay Nixon: Submit your economic stimulus package proposal

February 24, 2009

Governor Jay Nixon is offering Missourians the opportunity to submit their proposals for how the economic stimulus package money should be used in Missouri. As of the time this blog was published there were 557 proposals submitted. To submit your proposal go to www.transform.mo.gov, or click on the picture below.


Beacon-omics 101: Nationalizing troubled U.S. banks – should we be worried?

February 24, 2009

In this Mary Delach Leonard – of the St. Louis Beacon – explores what it means for the US Government to nationalize the banking system. To read this article click here or on the picture below.

Nationalizing Banks