St. Louis Beacon: East-West Gateway to play major role in economic stimulus funds…

 The St. Louis Beacon just published a story with good news for East-West Gateway Council of Governments. According to the report they will be the recipients of federal dollars from the economic stimulus package. They will be responsible for distributing these funds to local counties and municipalities for various initiatives. You can read the full article by clicking here.

Stephen Acree, Executive Director and President of the Regional Housing and Community Development Alliance, talks about the uncertainty of the current economic stimulus proposals and what they mean for his organization:

It seems that significant amounts of funding for transportation-related projects will only be available through East West Gateway and there is a very short window of opportunity for applications.  At this time we are uncertain what the timing constraints will be for obligation of funds–the House version says 120 days, while the Senate version says 1 year for local projects, and this will probably not be decided before the EWG applications are due.  We assume, though, that projects that can start faster will likely have a better chance of being funded. 

RHCDA has also received funding from East-West Gateway Council of Governments on other projects:

The streetscape enhancements we are doing for our Crown Square development in Old North St. Louis are being funded in part through a $1.5 million Federal Transportation Enhancement Grant through East-West Gateway that we applied for when we were planning the development.

Organizations looking to apply for this funding should click on this link to get directed to the East-West Gateway application website.


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