Getting the word out

One of the big conversations that we’ve been having at Channel 9 recently is how to utilize already existing community networks that already exist to get people connected to resources. For the last eight months we’ve been working at this by utilizing our capabilities on-air, online, and in the community, but there are still many people that don’t know where to go for help.

What we keep hearing consistently is that the only way that we can do this is through people like you. The Facing the Financial Crisis initiative is not about Channel 9, or even about our partners. This initiative is about finding ways to work together to strengthen our community. In order to do this all St. Louisans must work together to help their families, neighbors, and communities respond to this financial crisis. As a community resource, Channel 9 is responding by making sure that peolpe know where to go for help.

In order to do this we are using our traditional broadcast capabilities, but we are also using this website and really getting out into the community ourselves and through our partners. Please help us proliferate this information by forwarding on the resources contained in this website AND by getting out into your communities. To assist in getting the word out we’ve asked our 26 community partners for feedback on what an effective community resource flyer would like. We’ve taken their input and have created a flyer that can be distributed throughout the St. Louis community. To download and print this flyer click on the link below, and remember that the only way we’re going to come out of this crisis is by supporting each other.

Community Resource Flyer


One Response to Getting the word out

  1. yes i also agree one of the great way to deal with the crisis is supported each other.Thanks

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