Avoiding Mortgage Scams

March 6, 2009

The Federal Reserve Bank let out a press release today providing home owners with tips on how to avoid mortgage scams. CLICK HERE or on the picture below to see this article.



Staying Positive While Job Hunting

March 6, 2009

Even though we’re facing an economic crisis, now more than ever I think it’s important to be optimistic—but as the media constantly talks about how bad the economy is, it makes it more and more difficult to try to stay positive.  As a graduating college senior, I’m just beginning my job search, and every day it’s harder to think about looking for a job in this market.  But today I ran across an article on CNN.com that made me feel a little better.   


The article basically says that if you’re looking for a job, you need to ignore the negative news.  The economy may be tough, but now is the time to be proactive—because there are fewer jobs available, the sooner you get started on your job hunt, the better.  Experts interviewed for the article say it’s important to be flexible—that means possibly moving, taking a part-time job instead of a full-time one (for the time being), or changing industries.  The article also noted a few industries where there are more jobs available: agriculture, government, education, and health care.


St. Louis has been hard-hit by the financial crisis—as of December 2008 the unemployment rate here was 7.1%, and it’s only gotten worse in the past couple months.  But like the article says, we have to try and look past the bad news, and instead focus our job searches and get a little creative.


If you’re looking for a job, you can check out some of our partners’ employment services:


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To read the full article on CNN.com, click here.

The Stimulus Package and Transportation

March 6, 2009

Today Adam Allington of KWMU talked about how the stimulus package will affect public transportation, specifically in St. Louis. Many cities’ public transportation departments are having financial troubles, but the stimulus money is for expansion—for example, buying new buses and building new train tracks—and not for maintaining current operations. This means that Metro will most likely still have to cut routes and jobs.

Mr. Allington does say that Metro is trying to find creative ways to put the money toward operations, so that hopefully some routes could be reinstated in the near future.

To listen to the full report, click here.