My Career Search: Lauren Schwarze, Week 2

March 20, 2009

Hi everyone,

It’s week 2 of my career search, so here’s another video.  Last week was spring break, and I took the time off to apply to 15 jobs.  Unfortunately, the only response I got was to tell me that one of the companies I’d applied to wasn’t hiring. 

At first, I was pretty disappointed, but I’m not going to let it get me down.  I’m going to stay positive, and I’m going to keep trying and keep applying to jobs. 


Making Home Affordable

March 19, 2009

The Treasury Department and HUD have partnered to launch a new website for individuals to find out if they are eligible for the President’s new foreclosure mitigation plan. To find out more about the plan visit the website and watch the video below of Chris Krehmeyer of Beyond Housing who is one of our community partners in this work.

To read the press release of the launch of this new site see below.

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Community Voices: Beyond Housing

March 18, 2009

As we continue our Community Voices series, we gave one of our partners, Beyond Housing, a Flip video camera so they could record their responses to President Obama’s new home foreclosure plan.  Chris Krehmeyer, President and CEO of Beyond Housing, and Linda Ingram, Director of Foreclosure Prevention Services at Beyond Housing, both talk about the plan and what it could mean for St. Louis.


Below we’ve featured one of the videos.  To see the other videos from Linda and Chris, you can visit our YouTube channel, or the Community Voices section of our site.


The Financial Crisis Explained, Part 4

March 18, 2009

In this final segment from our January call-in program, the panelists talk about using home equity loans to pay off credit card debts—something they don’t recommend. Also, St. Louis resident Sue Livingston talks about how her home was saved after watching KETC. Ms. Livingston sought help from Beyond Housing and she wants people to know that it’s okay to ask for help.

HUD Bailout Scam, Updated

March 17, 2009

 The Buffalo News reports that,

An Internet Web site that looks like a federal Housing and Urban Development operation providing financial help for homeowners facing foreclosure actually is a “phishing scam” seeking personal information, HUD officials said Friday.

Also, see below for the official HUD statement referencing the scam:

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development today warned that Missouri homeowners are increasingly becoming the target of “scammers” and con artists trying to take advantage of homeowners in despair and it’s despicable.  The website address “” is not a HUD nor Federal Government approved website.  Homeowners should not be paying for counseling services that are available for free.  Counseling assistance can be found at,, or  Homeowners can find out information about mortgage modifications and the Administration’s Making Homes Affordable Plan by visiting  HUD’s official website address is  If an individual wants to talk to someone about his or her particular situation, the person can call HUD’s St. Louis Field Office at 314-539-6564.  HUD’s Office of Investigation and Office of General Counsel is working with the Federal Trade Commission to take the “” site down and catch those involved with posting the site.          


A Breakdown of the Stimulus Package

March 16, 2009

When we interviewed Dr. Bill Emmons of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, he gave us a chart that explained where the stimulus package money would go and how much St. Louis could expect from the package.  To check out the chart, CLICK HERE.

Dr. Emmons also explains the stimulus package in this video:

The Financial Crisis Explained, Part 3

March 16, 2009

In this segment from our hour-long call-in show that aired in January, panelists answer questions from phone calls, e-mails, and the audience. Included are how we can educate kids on financial literacy, and if it’s possible to waive late fees and reduce interest rates for credit cards if you negotiate with your credit card company.