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Channel 9 has been joined by the United Way of Greater St. Louis and other trusted nonprofit organizations to connect people in our region with the help they need.

Below are some resources that may be able to provide you with more information and assistance. If you know of a resource that you do not see on this list please e-mail us at or leave a comment.


United Way of Greater St. Louis
United Way of Greater St. Louis offers 2-1-1, a free 24 hour helpline that connects Missouri and Illinois residents to housing counselors and foreclosure resources. Residents of Missouri calling from a landline need only dial 2-1-1. Illinois residents and individuals calling from a cell phone should dial (800) 427- 4626.

Better Family Life
Better Family Life serves the metropolitan St. Louis area through its HUD certified housing counseling and classes in individualized budgeting and home ownership.

Beyond Housing
Beyond Housing provides housing counseling as well as support services for low-income families and homeowners.

Catholic Charities
Catholic Charities Housing Resource Center enables low- to moderate-income families to achieve long-term housing stability and affordable housing. Assists homeless individuals and families with emergency shelter when prevention is no longer possible. Catholic Charities also offers a housing crisis hotline: (314) 802-5444.

ClearPoint Financial Solutions
ClearPoint Financial Solutions helps consumers obtain a clear perspective of their financial situation through counseling and education. ClearPoint offers HUD approved housing counseling solutions and National Foundation for Credit Counseling approved bankruptcy counseling.

Federal Bureau of Investigation
St. Louis’s FBI division offers resources for victims of mortgage fraud and foreclosure scams.

International Institute of St. Louis
International Institute of Saint Louis helps low income immigrants and refugees move out of poverty by helping them acquire assets which will appreciate and server as wealth-builders. The International Institute helps by opening a matched savings account, which this money can be used to purchase a home.

Land of Lincoln Legal Services
Land of Lincoln Legal Services offers free civil legal services to low-income and senior citizen homeowners in Illinois.

Legal Services of Eastern Missouri
Legal Services of Eastern Missouri offers civil legal services to low-income homeowners in Eastern Missouri facing foreclosure or other mortgage issues.

NeighborWorks America
NeighborWorks America provides a network of local organizations who special in foreclosure counseling and solutions.

The mission of Provident is to strengthen families; to provide youth the opportunity and resources to succeed; and, to assist communities to be stable and productive. We do this by providing prevention and treatment services that have the greatest potential for positive impact. We are dedicated to providing superior value to our customers by developing innovative high-quality services for our clients.

St. Louis Mental Health Board
St. Louis Mental Health Board works with people who have serious and persistent mental disorders they can live, work, and socialize in environments of their choosing and improving their health. Some partners of this program such as Places for People and St. Patrick Center provide opportunities for people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless to make positive decisions in order for them to attain affordable housing.

St. Louis Public Library
St. Louis Public Library offers advice on choosing a mortgage from reverse mortgages, two-step mortgages, balloon payment mortgages, and house flipping.
Salvation Army-Midland Division
Salvation Army provides resources for those who have already been foreclosed upon and do not have an alternative housing option.

Urban League
Urban League of St. Louis serves St. Louis City, St. Louis County and St. Claire County residents. Offering services in pre- and post-purchase mortgage counseling, Urban League’s HUD certified counselors advise clients on the home buying process and work with lenders to find solutions to foreclosure. Urban League also offers a foreclosure helpline staffed by housing counselors who not only offer mortgage advice, but also work to find alternatives to foreclosure. Call the helpline at  888-995-HOPE.

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) helps to increase homeownership, support community development and increase access to affordable housing free from discrimination. HUD contains information from buying, selling, owning a home to HUD-approved lenders and housing discrimination complaints. HUD has launched a new campaign to urge homeowners to seek free, HUD-approved housing counseling advice before they are at risk of foreclosure, Keep Your Home. Know Your Loan. campaign.


3 Responses to Find Help

  1. […] a FREE housing counselor from one of the many resources listed on KETC’s site. You should NEVER pay someone for foreclosure […]

  2. Alfred White says:

    I would like to know how to obtain mortgage assistance, My mortgage increased due to a ARM interest increase in February to 10% and my payments went up to $954. I was able to pay some of the months but have fallen behind two payment. I have contactd Chase Finance and they have lowered my interest rate and payments to $684.11 starting June 2008. I am able to make this payment but I am unable to get current on my loan. Is there anyway Chase can restructure my payments to bring my loan current or is there any agency that can help me with the back payments to avoid foreclosure. I have been sent two foreclosure letters even though I have been sending them the new payment amount each month.

    Any assistance or advice would be appreciated.

  3. The style of writing is quite familiar to me. Did you write guest posts for other blogs?

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