Community Voices

Here we’ll be featuring voices from the community–we’ll be talking to our partners and to others impacted by the crisis in the St. Louis region.

We’ve featured a few of the newest videos below.  To see all the Community Voices videos, visit our YouTube channel.

Chris Krehmeyer and Linda Ingram, Beyond Housing

We asked Beyond Housing, one of our community partners, to record their responses to President Obama’s new housing plan. In this series of videos, Chris Krehmeyer, CEO and President, and Linda Ingram, Director, Foreclosure Prevention Services, talk about what the new housing plan means for St. Louis.

Here, Linda Ingram, Director of Foreclosure Prevention Services at Beyond Housing, explains the two parts of the Making Home Affordable plan.

To watch more videos from Beyond Housing, CLICK HERE.

Stephen Acree, Executive Director and President of Regional Housing and Community Development Alliance
In March 2009 we sat down with Stephen Acree, Executive Director and President of Regional Housing and Community Development Alliance (RHCDA). During our interview, we talked about the new stimulus package, as well as various aspects specific to the St. Louis region.

In this video Mr. Acree explains how the foreclosure mitigation plan will impact St. Louis homeowners. 

CLICK HERE to watch more videos from Mr. Acree.

 Dr. Bill Emmons, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

This series of videos features Dr. Bill Emmons, Assistant Vice President and Economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.  A few weeks ago we sat down with him to talk about the stimulus package and what it means for the St. Louis region. 

Dr. Emmons also created a chart that explains the breakdown of money in the stimulus package.  To view the chart, CLICK HERE.

To watch the rest of Dr. Emmons’s videos, CLICK HERE.

The American Dream

As we face these tough economic times, we began to wonder how the economy affects the American Dream. For this project we gave St. Louis University students Flip cameras so they could talk to their friends and peers about their visions of the American Dream.

You can watch the full Living St. Louis segment by producer Patrick Murphy below:

Student Videos: My American Dream

To watch some of the students’ videos, click on the pictures below, or visit our YouTube channel


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