Tune in to KWMU tonight—6/2/09

June 2, 2009

Tonight, as part of its Facing the Mortgage Crisis programming, KWMU will air the last of four documentaries from American RadioWorks.  The four documentaries help explain the current economic crisis we’re facing.

You can listen to “Bridge to Somewhere,” hosted by Steven Smith, tonight from 8-9 p.m. on KWMU-90.7 FM.

To learn more about tonight’s program and more of KWMU’s Facing the Mortgage Crisis programs CLICK HERE. Don’t forget to tune in to 90.7 FM to listen!


KWMU Programs–Updated

May 5, 2009

Over the next few weeks KWMU will air four documentaries from American RadioWorks.  The programs will help explain the economic crisis we’re facing.

 Foreclosure City – Airs Tuesday, May 5th, 8:00 – 9:00pm

American RadioWorks looks at the roots and the fall-out of the Las Vegas foreclosure crisis, and tells the stories of residents trying to build new lives, now that their old dreams have failed.  Hosted by Steven Smith.

 A Better Life: Creating the American Dream – Airs Tuesday, May 12th, 8:00 – 9:00pm

As part of American Public Media’s “Next American Dream” project, this program chronicles the evolution of the American Dream since the Great Depression. Hosted by Steven Smith.

Hard Times in Middletown – Airs Tuesday, May 26th, 8:00 – 9:00pm

In 1929 the Rockefeller Institute published an intimate look at church, school, family and work in Muncie, IN. This documentary helps us understand how the economic crisis is affecting the people who defined the American middle class.  Hosted by Kai Ryssdal of Marketplace.

Bridge to Somewhere – Airs Tuesday, June 2nd, 8:00 – 9:00pm

With the country’s economy in a tailspin, many Americans are calling for a new New Deal. This hour looks at whether repairing roads and expanding broadband Internet can help Americans back toward prosperity.  Hosted by Steven Smith.

 For more information, visit KWMU’s site dedicated to Facing the Mortgage Crisis, and tune in to KWMU – 90.7 FM.

My Career Search: Week 4

April 3, 2009

Hi everyone,

Week 4 of my career search is wrapping up, so it’s time for another video!

I’ve been checking out a lot of company websites, and more often than not there aren’t any openings. It’s tempting to get frustrated or discouraged, but instead I’m going to take this time to do my research and to make sure when the job market improves, I’m ready.

My Career Search: Lauren Schwarze, Week 3

March 27, 2009

Hi everybody,

It’s the end of Week 3 of my career search, so here’s another video!  I had a lot of schoolwork this week, so I didn’t get a chance to apply to as many companies as I wanted–my goal is 5 per week–but I did have the chance to do some research so I can send in more resumes this weekend.

I still haven’t heard back from the companies I’d applied to over spring break, but I’m staying optimistic–I need to apply to as many places as I can, and I can’t lose my focus.

St. Louis Beacon: Hire education: When the economy is tough, many return to the ivory tower

January 30, 2009

Originally appeared in the St. Louis Beacon

Written by: Kristen Hare

Posted 4:05 p.m. Thurs., Jan. 29 – Rich Gaasch graduated from the University of Missouri, Columbia, with a degree in business administration.

He looked around for jobs.

He networked.

He found nothing.

And then he headed to graduate school.

“It wasn’t part of my plan,” Gaasch says. But now, instead of working 9 to 5, Gaasch puts in his 40 hours a week as a graduate assistant and student.

In bad economic times, getting that extra edge with a graduate degree made sense to the 21 year old, who is in his first year of the MBA program at Lindenwood University.

And in the past, economic downturns have sent other people back to school in large numbers, too, swelling both applications and admissions for graduate programs.

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