Foreclosures Increase for Prime Borrowers

June 9, 2009

Since the beginning of the mortgage crisis, many experts have blamed the explosion in foreclosures on risky sub-prime loans.  But USA Today reported recently that the rate of foreclosure for prime borrowers has been increasing, mainly because of rising unemployment rates.  To read the rest of the article, CLICK HERE.

If you or someone you know is facing foreclosure, contact a HUD-certified housing counseling agency to seek help.  To find one, call United Way’s 2-1-1 Referral Service at (800) 427-4626.


Obama Foreclosure Plan Open for Business (Updated)

March 4, 2009

Here is updated information from the Treasury Department.

Website for Obama Foreclosure Mitigation Plan – CLICK HERE 

Housing Counselor Q & A – CLICK HERE

Teasury Department Press ReleaseCLICK HERE

Home Loan Modification Program GuidelinesCLICK HERE

Summary of GuidelinesCLICK HERE


Tip of the Day 2/13/09

February 13, 2009

Get out your pens and pencils because it’s time for another this Friday the 13th edition of Tip of the Day! This video features Eric Madkins, Director of Housing and Foreclosure Intervention, for the Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis and Karen Wallensak, Director of the Catholic Charities Housing Resource Center. They recommend for homeowners who are in trouble with their mortgage to seek help from trusted housing counseling agencies. To get connected to these agencies you can call the United Way’s 2-1-1 information referral service at 1-800-427-4626 or visit their website at

Housing Counselors

December 11, 2008

If you or someone you know is at risk of foreclosure – or is about to miss a house payment – there is help available. If you’re in the St. Louis region you can call the United Way’s 2-1-1 referral service to get connected to a Housing Counselor who may be able to help. For a referral call 1-800-427-4626 or visit their website at

Below is a description of what a Housing Counselor is and what they do.