This American Life: No Map

May 26, 2009

A few weeks ago This American Life aired an episode called “No Map.”  One of the topics covered was the mortgage crisis, and the fact that many people who are facing foreclosure have “no map”–no past experience, no guidelines–for facing the mortgage crisis.

The podcast can be found in the Episode Archive–May 15, #380: “No Map.”  The story begins around 9 minutes into the program.


NPR: Planet Money

December 4, 2008

NPR’s “Planet Money” is a radio program designed to help people make sense of the of the rapidly changing global economy. Some of the individuals involved in creating Planet Money also work with the NPR program “This American Life”.

You can check out there podcasts and blog by clicking here.

In their latest feature Planet Money delves into jobs and the economy. As the mortgage crisis has rippled out one of its major impacts has been widespread job loss. Click here to listen to the show.