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Helpful information and advice:

Understanding the Language of Foreclosure
If you—or someone you know—are worried about making house payments, it’s time to take action. Trouble is, mortgage talk is a language many homeowners do not understand. more

Avoiding Foreclosure: The Options
Get help now. Open your mail. Answer the phone. Don’t avoid those calls from your lender; deal with your mortgage problems while you still can. more

Can you get help you trust? Yes you can – Here is how
Homeowners in the St. Louis area seeking foreclosure help can contact the United Way, which will put them in touch with the St. Louis Alliance for Homeownership Preservation, a coalition of nonprofits pooling their expertise. more

Ready to make the call? Here’s your checklist
When you call a hotline for help, you will be asked for some basic information before being referred to a HUD-approved nonprofit housing counselor. The counseling is free and private. more


One Response to Tips/Advice

  1. Andy says:


    If you are in over your head, consider ‘trading’ your home for a lower priced property before it is too late. There are numerous website that ave popped up to promote this type of match making. Believe it or not, there are lots of people out there who actually might be in a position to move up the property ladder. The only thing that is holding them back is being unable to sell the property they currently own. I know because I’m one of those people.

    When I say ‘trade’ your home, I am actually referring to a simultaneous sale that begins with two offers that contain a contingency that the other party must be able to buy the others home.

    Look in to it, and if anyone is looking for a loft downtown, let me know!

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